March 16, 2023

McLean Launches Scholarship Fund

 We are excited to announce our first annual McLean CARES Scholarship Fund for 2023.

Our Scholarship Fund provides an opportunity for our employees’ children to apply for a four-year scholarship towards the college of their choice. College is very expensive and is unaffordable in many cases, our goal is to positively impact the families of our employees.

The application process is in-depth and a lot of work. Applicants will be evaluated based on their current academic standing, extracurricular activities, an essay, and an interview process. We will be awarding these scholarships to new applicants on an annual basis. Each year, this Scholarship Fund is going to award a first-place and second-place winner totaling $35,000.  Selections will be made each spring and after the first four years, we are committed to scholarships totaling $140,000 annually.

We are excited for the evolution of this program and the benefits it will provide to our employees and their families. We look forward to sharing more updates regarding our Scholarship Fund as well as our other initiatives within the McLean CARES Program.



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