March 8, 2024

Demanding – Innovative – Everlasting

Luxury packaging is synonymous with innovation, originality, and elegance.  In an effort to continually push and deliver on the demand for innovation, McLean Packaging now offers full automation to domestically produce custom hexagon shaped boxes.

In a departure from traditional rectangular or cylindrical packaging, the hexagonal box offers a fresh take, ideal for hosting items such as chocolates, candles, perfumes, jewelry, and luxury goods. With its six-sided structure, the hexagonal box demands attention from consumers, emphasizing the value and superior quality of the enclosed product.

These hexagonal boxes embody the ethos of sustainability, serving not only as durable and sturdy packaging, but often finding new life as a decorative piece long after its initial purpose has been served. With their clean, geometric aesthetic, these boxes have the power to captivate consumers’ attention while elevating the perceived value of the product within.

At McLean, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life.  Contact us today to talk about your next packaging idea. 


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