Established in 1961, McLean Packaging began as a small box manufacturing facility located right outside of Philadelphia, PA. Focusing on creating quality gift boxes for products like shirt sets, chocolate gifts, and greeting cards, the modest 8,000-square-foot facility was just the beginning of McLean’s packaging expertise. With a passion for creating quality packaging, McLean invested in printing and gluing technology that is unique in the industry. Today, McLean is still privately owned by one of the founders and operates within three highly specialized manufacturing facilities exceeding 475,000-square-foot and over 200 employees.

We are committed to bringing our customers the finest-quality packaging to help streamline their supply chain. Yet as we grow, several aspects of our business will never change:

  • Continual reinvesting in equipment and personnel
  • Communicating product quality through design and production
  • Creating innovative problem-solving designs and market solutions
  • Exceeding the expectations of our customers


To offer our customers the ability to enhance their presence in the marketplace by providing innovative, high-quality and competitively priced displays and packaging.


To provide our customers with solutions that continuously improve the look and functionality of their packaging and provide ways to create a more efficient supply chain.


McLean’s flexible customer-focused business model and investment  in the latest technology help our customers win in a challenging and demanding marketplace.

Innovative Design

By working closely with our clients, we combine all of our resources to develop the best solution possible for every package's needs.

Unparalleled Quality

Our in-house capabilities allow us to uphold the highest quality standards throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Sustainable Packaging

By sourcing a range of sustainable products, we're able to offer a variety of sustainable packaging solutions that align with our clients' goals and initiatives.

Collaborative Design Techniques

Our design teams understand how to create strong visual and functional packaging that highlights and protects our customers’ products.* When McLean Packaging initiates a project, sales and design work together with our customers to ensure all marketing, design, and packaging options have been fully explored. Using sophisticated packaging software, we can develop and produce physical white samples for evaluation or an electronic rendering of the design, followed by a mocked-up prototype to ensure customer satisfaction. This is all accomplished with a keen understanding of an ecological balance and keeps total cost packaging opportunities in the forefront.


*Collaborative Design performed at our Moorestown, NJ and Pennsauken, NJ facilities. No design activities are performed which involve our Thermoforming Department in Nazareth, PA.


High-Quality Standards

Quality management is one of our most valuable resources. Quality standards and expectations are taught and practiced in real time at the operator level and receive great support from management and ownership. With strict standards in both our facilities and performance, we strive to create the best possible packaging solutions.

Documented Employee Training

Work instructions
In-process, documented accountability

Statistically Based Incoming Inspection

Customer-based AQL levels
Quality testing

In-Process Inspections & Verifications

Online UPC scanning
Vision systems for registration and print quality

Final Inspections

Lot traceability
Final product release

Customer Satisfaction Process

CAPA system
Continuous improvement

In the final analysis, key objectives include:

  • Ensuring all of the marketing targets have been met
  • Utilizing all opportunities to apply the most sustainable materials available
  • Maximizing cost-saving opportunities

McLean’s Quality Policy
Provide our Customers with products that meet their exacting quality standards on a continual basis.

Dedicated Sustainability Practices

McLean Packaging is constantly working on solutions that address the environmental impact of the packaging we create. Let us work with your team to create the most sustainable, responsible package for your products.




Our Locations

Folding Carton Division

Moorestown, NJ
1504 Glen Ave
Moorestown, NJ 08057

Our Folding Carton division is fully equipped for designing, printing, and finishing folding cartons and rigid set box components.

Rigid Paper Box Division

Nazareth, PA
Broad & Easton Streets
Nazareth, PA 18064

Our Nazareth facility houses both our Rigid Set Box and Thermoforming divisions, allowing McLean to manufacture high-quality parts for your set box project all in one place.

Corrugated Division

Pennsauken, NJ
1000 Thomas Busch Memorial Highway
Pennsauken, NJ 08110

Our Corrugated division offers innovative capabilities that create new standards in flexo printing, and designs that utilize techniques that reduce costs and improve execution at retail.