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Rigid Paper Box Division – Nazareth, PA

Conveniently located in the NE corridor and in very close proximity to the Philadelphia, NJ and NYC border is our 100,000 square foot rigid paper box manufacturing facility. The facility is chock full of the best set box manufacturing equipment and experienced personnel the industry has to offer. Pairing our many wrapping lines with in house abilities to line our own board, make our own vacuum forms and transparent lids and pack out product in-line makes McLean the premier option for set box manufacturing.

McLean will also handle all phases of development, artwork and wrap production in our Moorestown facility and produce the corrugated cases your goods are packed in out of our Pennsauken facility. Truly a one-source option for all of our customer’s needs!

In addition to our converting ability also exists our 100,000 square foot warehouse and our own fleet of trucks for all local deliveries so we can be sure that we’re handling your goods from concept through delivery.

Some specific technologies and capabilities include:

  • 16 Tight and Loose wrapping lines
  • Vacuum Form development and production
  • Transparent lid manufacturing
  • Board lining
  • In line hatch cutting for unique set box structures
  • Tag and Label applications
  • Ink jet coding

In addition to our converting technology also exists a high concentration on quality and customer service with resources dedicated to each and every order!

The ability to handle all manufacturing phases and components of each order truly separates us from our competition as we have better quality control and scheduling flexibility of all facets of production with this infrastructure.